Menu plan and a new favorite #20180702

Breaking news! It’s exciting! It takes quite a bit for me to call something a family favorite, and for the first time in a long time, I have something to add to that list. For something to be formally inducted into the favorites-hall-of-fame, it has to:

  1.  Be enthusiastically received by every member of my household
  2. Be something that gets requested repeatedly
  3. Either be really fun to make or really easy to make
  4. If any leftovers survive, they must be as tasty or tastier than the original

Folks, I’m pleased to announce that we officially have another favorite.

It took ten minutes in the morning to throw together the beef, and another ten minutes to cook up the broccoli, noodles, and toss it all together with the herbs and pepper. I didn’t have to thicken the sauce, the tiny bit I was able to hide in the back of the fridge proved that the leftovers are AMAZING, and I’m going to make this any time beef chuck fits into my grocery budget.

Ok! On to the menu plan! It’s also exciting!

Monday was not-my-night-to-cook for Friends Dinner. Our friends grilled, the kiddos played at the park, and as usual, it was great. I love grilling season!

Tuesday we had a baseball practice again, and Darian and I officially christened this day Spaghetti Spuesday. We had spaghetti and meatballs with salad on the side. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to have awkwardly named another day of the week 🙂

Wednesday was mostly focused on packing! For camping! Waaaaaaaaaah! I did a bunch of pre-cooking for the long weekend and made sandwiches for dinner, but they were classy sandwiches because I used nice bread and avocado.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we were camping! It was great! We shared a group site at Sibley State Park with our Friends Dinner crew, and our master plan was to make all the meals super easy to execute. Fun times all around. I love this yearly tradition.

Sunday was our first evening back home, and after getting rained on until noon and then trying to dry everything out, we picked up some fast food on the way home.

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