Menu plan with kid cooking #20180709

What’s everyone’s favorite thing to do the day after they get back from camping? Go to work and then host 24 people for dinner, of course!

Monday was my night to host friends dinner. I cooked up some ground beef, bought some pre-smoked-shredded pork, grabbed a bunch of mini bags of Doritos, chopped up some lettuce, and then plopped down salsa/guac/sour cream. Voila. Tacos in a bag.

Tuesday marked the triumphant return of Spaghetti Spuesday. Meatballs, a jar of store-bought marinara, spaghetti, Caesar salad on the side, and Parmesan on everything. I made homemade meatballs, but unfortunately for us, I just winged it and they ended up a bit too salty. Darian did not declare it the best spaghetti of all time, which kinda hurt my home-made-meatball feelings. Next time I’ll actually use my recipe.

Wednesday was Independence Day, but my pup had tummy troubles so we didn’t go do anything. Darian spent the night at Kimathi’s house, and so we had a romantic dinner of leftovers from Monday, remixed into quesadillas and salad.

Thursday was Stirfry Stursday- this week’s edition featured chicken thighs, broccoli, and some kinda soy-peanut-sesame sauce. Cilantro on top and plenty of rice on the side. We were baseball free because of the holiday this week, and the kiddos appreciated the extra play time with neighborhood friends.

Friday was Kimathi’s night to cook, and the 12-year-old-chef decided he wanted to learn how to make the foil packets I cooked for one of our camping dinners last week. It’s hard to even call it a recipe, but here it is:

  • Chop up cabbage, quarter baby carrots, and quarter some red potatoes.
  • Mix the veg with a pack of onion soup mix.
  • Put some veg down on foil, then top with a raw, unseasoned hamburger.
  • Top the burger with some cream of mushroom soup and black pepper.
  • Seal up the foil and either cook it over a fire or on a medium-low grill until the potatoes are tender.
  • Open your foil packet in a bowl so that you don’t lose the juices.
  • Try not to burn your mouth.

It was especially good that Kimathi was in charge of dinner on Friday because I had a monster cold that would not be tamed by medication.

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