Grief, too many things to do, and a menu plan #20180716

My step-mom passed away last weekend, and I’m still just very shocked and very sad. She was just 62 years old. I don’t have adequate words for all this. I spent the Sunday morning after she passed with my Dad, and was very thankful that their close friends Mary and Dean were able to come as well. I made it out to their home a few more times during the week and have been very lucky to have a workplace that’s letting me take the time I need off right now.

Monday was friends dinner, and not-my-night-to-cook. Our friends Anthony and Robyn hosted and made Spaghetti. I managed to tell a few people the news, though it didn’t feel quite real yet.

Tuesday was once again Spaghetti Spuesday. I asked Darian if he was tired of this yet, and asked him if we should skip it since we just had Spaghetti the day before. Shocker: he voted for more Spaghetti. Fair enough. Routine helps. Spaghetti, meatballs, store-bought-marinara, Caesar salad on the side, and Parmesan cheese on everything.

Wednesday I had leftover soup for dinner, which was initially too salty but saved with the addition of more vegetables, sambal, and unsalted stock.

Thursday we were supposed to have a baseball game, but it ended up getting rained out. The Stirfry Stursday tradition continued with chicken, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and rice noodles.

Friday and Saturday contained a total of three birthday parties, which I probably should have skipped. Also on Saturday, my Dad and I went on a morning bike ride together, which was definitely the bright spot of the week for me.

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What a nice ride!

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Sunday was recuperating, with a dog-park-trip and visit-to-brother. What a week.



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