Update #20180806

This past month has flown by. We had a memorial service for my stepmom on July 22th, which would have been their 20th wedding anniversary. The weekend after that, we hosted another memorial open house at their second home in Lutsen for their community. We served Caesar salad and Chardonnay at both events per her request, and it ended up being a fitting, sad, wonderful tribute.

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Barb’s memorial with the Northern Neighbors.

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Summer has continued to march on, and the boys finished their summer program. The boys also had a week of soccer camp through The Sanneh Foundation, which met in the

afternoon near their Grandma Sue’s home and we were lucky to be able to take advantage of her open newly-retired schedule. Then this past weekend we made a trip to Door County, Wisconsin to visit many extended relatives.

My mom is now in town for a few weeks, taking the boys to swimming lessons at Como Pool in the mornings. Our weekly menus have continued the traditions of Friends Dinner on Mondays, Spaghetti Speusday, Stirfry Stursday, and having the kids take alternate turns cooking on Fridays when we’re in town. We really we haven’t been in town that many Fridays in the past month, so Kimathi has been waiting for his turn to cook. I’m not sure what my new normal will be like when everything settles down, but we haven’t quite made it there yet.

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