Menu Forecast #20180820

It’s been more than a month of craziness, and now my kids are out of town for the week. It’s going to be weird.

Monday will be Friends dinner, but we won’t make it because of some family stuff that came up so I’m planning to just pick up a pizza after that’s done. I hosted last week and grilled up a bunch of hot dogs, put out a million toppings, potato salad, spinach artichoke dip, veggies, chips, baked beans, and got an ice cream cake from DQ.

Tuesday will still be Spaghetti Speusday, but with broccoli, peppers, onions, and pasta primavera vibes. Smoked sausage, chicken, and plenty of black pepper.

Wednesday I’ll make veggie sushi, pan-fried dumplings, and baked shrimp.

Thursday will be a heaping helping of chicken enchiladas verdes since there will be no kids demanding Stirfry Stursday.

Friday I’ll be traveling to pick up kids, Dimitris will hold down the fort, and dinner will be at a restaurant.

Next week is the last week of Summer vacation for the kiddos, and I’ll be taking time off work to enjoy the last days of the season with them. The activity plan is currently in progress!

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