Happy New Plan! Mostly meals #20151228

Get it?! It’s like Happy New Year. Because this Thursday/Friday is New Year’s Eve/Day. I crack myself up 🙂

Our Christmas was magical, and I blame the kids. They are pretty great, and make me appreciate the holidays so very much. I was talking with Kimathi (10) about cooking and cook books on Christmas Day. He’s becoming quite the young Chef, and I was telling him how I like following new recipes, because they make you try different combinations or techniques than you normally would. Today it hit me: I don’t actually follow other people’s recipes as very often, and I kind of miss it. The great thing is that there’s an easy-and-obvious solution here… Start using recipes more!

I’m not saying that 2016 will be all recipes, all the time. I am saying I think I can commit to actually following a new recipe once a week. Likely on a Sunday, because that’s when it’s convenient to spend some extra time cooking. I’m reasonably sure it’s going to be an official resolution, but I only make those when it’s actually the new year.

Here’s the foods for this week:

  • Monday Beefy pan fried burritos, and a taco bowl with sweet potatoes and black beans for me. Burritos will be made with steak bits not ground beef. I still can’t open my mouth very wide after getting my wisdom teeth out, but I *can* eat stuff when I cut it up into small bits. I’ll probably make myself a quesadilla (and cut it up) so I don’t feel too left out.
  • Tuesday Frindsdinner! And I don’t cook! In case you haven’t been around very long, on Tuesdays I get together with a group of friends for dinner. We rotate who hosts and cooks, so each person/family cooks once a month. This week is not my week 🙂
  • Wednesday Chicken curry. Extra spicy, because no kids.
  • Thursday Haaaaaappppy Newwwww Yearrrrrrrs Evvvvvvvvve!! Either I’ll be making a dish to share with family (if my kid’s grandma has her way), or I’ll be making Pho. Either way, wahoo!
  • Friday Belated Kid-Mas with friends! I think that also means a potluck, but will know for sure after our Tuesday thing.
  • Weekend I WILL make a new recipe. Probably from my vast Pinterest collection.

That’s it for 2015 folks, see you on the other side.

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