Meal Plan #20160104

Happpppy New Year! I have all the tired!! Because we were all sick over the break!!! Now we are better!!!! Here are the foods!!!!!

  • Monday I have too much house junk to do for there to be time for real cooking, so I’m faking it. Smoked beef brats on Kings Hawaiian buns with fixins, corn on the cob, plenty of broccoli to top it off.
  • Tuesday It’s friendsdinner night, and I’m hosting. So there will be three additional households to feed at my household tomorrow, and I’m only kinda freaking out. Stir fried chicken, green beans, rice and dumplings. Probably some quick pickled veggies too, because then they’ll be all prepped for the next day.
  • Wednesday Shrimp & Avocado spring rolls!! With fresh mint, cilantro, rice noodles, pickled veggies, and ALL the deliciousness. They’re relatively quick and easy to throw together, and since I’m in a meeting til 7PM it will be extra important to have something light and tasty.
  • Thursday Spaghetti night. Or “pasta bolognese” night to be more accurate. Caesar salad and garlic bread on the side. Bball practice is from 6-7PM so we’ll have a hearty snack in the car and then have to feed the starving kids ASAP when we get home.
  • Friday Cheater-style Pho Ga. Start by cooking and shredding up some chicken, then quickly assemble/cook the rest. The quick n easy broth starts with chicken Better than Bouillon, then I add ground ginger and soy sauce and quickly cook the fresh rice vermicelli. Dish into bowls, add steamed broccoli and carrots, and finally top with green onions and cilantro. Serve. Devour. Enjoy.

That’s it. More coffee.

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