Planless but recipefull #20160114

I’m officially winging it from a menu plan perspective this week. My pantry is stocked, there are fruits and vegetables, and there are both frozen AND cooked meats. I’ll figure it out one way or another, mostly because yesterday I didn’t have to cook, Tuesday I didn’t have to cook, and Friday I also don’t have to cook.

Why are we even here, you may ask? Because I promised my minions I would cook a recipe with them every week. And my minions are demanding that we make it so. By minions, I mean my children. Just so we’re clear. The solution to these demands (they still don’t “get” that minions aren’t technically supposed to make demands), is to put together a list of recipes that I actually have the stuff for, and then let them pick what we’re cooking together. BAM! Here is a start to said list:

  • Sweet, Sticky, and Spicy Chicken is a strong front runner. I have changes I would make to the recipe, which I will tell them all about. Like removing the chicken from the pan and reducing the sauce a bit before adding it back in. Because no one likes dried out chicken.
  • (Keyless) Lime Pie is another strong front runner for Kimathi, but Darian is likely to object. Unless he gets to make Chocolate Lava Cake at the same time that is…
  • Jalapeno Popper Dip mostly because I want to eat it. Please?

That’s a start. Have a great week everyone!

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