Menu Plan #20160118

First and foremost. I have found THE pizza crust. Because I tried a new recipe. Thank you Yes, really mix it for 5 minutes and THEN add the olive oil and mix more. It’s the right thing to do. I made it as a big old pan pizza (550 for 15 minutes in a well oiled cookie pan), and it was ahhhh-mazing. Here’s the weekly food-plan:

  • Monday Chicken stir fry, crispy shrimp on the side with sweet chili sauce, served with rice and green beans.
  • Tuesday Weekly friendsdinner- I’m not hosting so dinner will be a surprise. Cancelled, sadly. I made broiled shrimp skewers with lemon pepper and garlic butter, sauteed asparagus, and a zoodle/pasta combo that I LOVED and everyone else put up with. More details:
    • First, I don’t have a spiralizer so I just hand cut my zucchini into noodle sized pieces. Then I generously salted them, and put them in a colander over a bowl to drain for about 10 minutes. This was important because 1) my one large zucchini gave off AT LEAST ONE CUP of extra liquid and 2) I rinsed off the extra salt after they had drained but was left with an excellent flavor.
    • Second, I sauteed up some red onions and bell peppers. When the pasta only had a few minutes left to cook added I added the zucchini, plenty of black pepper and cracked red pepper. Stirred *almost* constantly in my wok-type-pan.
    • The linguine was cooked just shy of al dente, and didn’t fully drain the pasta water. I added a few TBS of butter to it and stirred it around for about half a minute, then added the noodles to the veg. Ploop in about a cup of store bought tomato sauce and a few heafty TBS of goat cheese, and stir to combine.
    • Serve topped with parmesan and fresh cracked pepper. DEVOUR. Have family members complain they don’t really prefer the zucchini but then gloat when the ask for seconds.
  • Wednesday Jalapeno popper topped chicken, baked potatoes and broccoli. It turns out that I don’t have to cook for ANYONE tonight, so I’m going to Zumba and then I’m eating apple slices and pizza rolls. Don’t judge.
  • Thursday Spicy shrimp and pepper pasta, garlicky bread sticks with that same pizza dough that I love so much! Jalapeno popper topped chicken, baked potatoes and broccoli. This will happen on this day instead of my original Wednesday plan.
  • Friday Veggie soup and this garlic flatbread.
  • Saturday Crepes have been requested for breakfast, and we’ll do burritos for lunch.
  • Sunday Fish for dinner! Darian has been asking to have salmon, so I’m going to have him pick a recipe to help make. Cheddar bay biscuits on the side and some kinda veg.

That’s all, folks! I’ll probably bake something this week as well, but that’s fully dependent on time and motivation.

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