Mostly meals #20160209

I blinked, and now it’s time to plan Darian’s 7th birthday party. How did I let the earth rotate so many times? HOW?! He has been adamant about laser tag, so we’ll try to make that happen.

Foods have been happening. Last week was my turn to host Friendsdinner, and I made a spicy chicken thing, rice, cheddar biscuits, veggies, and mostly didn’t freak out. Here’s the food plan for this week, subject to change/whims:

  • Monday I made beef stir fry, broccoli and rice on the side. It was reasonably quick and tasty, though I wish I had mixed in more veg.
  • Tuesday I don’t have to cook tonight! Friendsdinner at a house that is not my house.
  • Wednesday No children to cook for, so I’m making going to try a saucy and spicy recipe for Pad Kee Mao. Wish me luck!
  • Thursday Broiled shrimp, pasta (with bell peppers, onions, roasted garlic, and a goat cheese tomato sauce), and green beans.
  • Friday They don’t have snowboarding! For once! Yay Friday! To celebrate, I’m making pizza and salad. Possibly also nachos. And/or burgers. I’m writing this before eating lunch, so maybe I’ll make it all and we’ll have a feast.

My goal this weekend is to make at least two kinds of soup, and I’ll celebrate Vday by baking many delicious things. That’s all folks!

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