Blog neglect #20160224

Hello there! In case you haven’t noticed, I accidentally waited 15 days between posts. Oops. I fell off of the meal planning wagon, my son Darian turned 7 years old(!!), and now I’m ready to atone for my sins. By publishing a very late “plan” for this week. Enjoy!

  • Monday The kids said this didn’t even really count as a dinner, but I maintain that we were being fancy and having courses. Course one: baby bell peppers, carrots, and dip. Course two: cheese ravioli in tomato sauce. Course three: lemon pepper chicken with more lemon juice after it was done cooking. Ok, so maybe “fancy” was a stretch, but it was still a full meal.
  • Tuesday Darian’s bday! My mom took us out to a Chinese buffet. We would have gone to an Old Country Buffet, but they closed nearly all of them. Rest In Peace OCB, my kids will greatly miss your Coke Freestyle machine, ICEE machine, and endless desserts.
  • Wednesday Nooooooo kiddddddddds. For dinner anyway. Which means I’m making cheeseburgers and salad, and if any of you tell them then YOU have to make them cheeseburgers. Cause I’m not doing it.
  • Thursday Chicken stir fry, veggies, and white rice. I’m not capable of going one week without making this, even when we have clearly just gone to a buffet on Tuesday.
  • Friday Breakfast for dinner! Very likely that I’ll add in veggies and store bought fried chicken. The boys will be fresh off a day at the slopes (non school day, so their ski/snowboard club is doing an all day trip), and will be super hungry. This is also a way to break it to them that we won’t have time for our usual big breakfast on Saturday morning.
  • Saturday LASER TAG BIRTHDAY PARTY! We’ll start the day with toast, scrambled eggs, and apple slices. The b-day madness is from 10AM to 1PM, and will include a pizza lunch. I expect to collapse from exhaustion at approximately 4:32PM.
  • Sunday I’m making soup for the week, and I really mean it this time.

That’s all folks. Now please excuse me while I run around like crazy, trying to get favor bags ready for the Saturday extravaganza.

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