Mostly meals #20160229

Happy February 29! It is leap day, and that’s all I have to say about that. I’m *slightly* tempted to dig up a recipe for frog legs, but not enough to actually follow through. Instead, I’ll tell my boys that we’re having frog legs for dinner and then make something normal. Here we go!

  • Monday Chicken quesadillas (FROG LEG QUESADILLAS), salsa, guac, and a salad on the side.
  • Tuesday It’s caucus night in Minnesota! We’ll grabbing something to eat on our way to the big event.
  • Wednesday Spring rolls with pickled veggies, and plenty fresh mint and cilantro. [I’ll also be making tomorrow’s meatballs so all I need to do is reheat them.]
  • Thursday It’s my night to host our friendsdinner, we rescheduled to accommodate caucus night on Tuesday. I’ll be making meatball subs (optional topping will be peppers and onions, Mozzarella cheese before putting it under the broiler, or just plain old Parmesan), fresh veggies and dip, Caesar salad, and spinach artichoke dip served with some crusty bread. Ice cream for those who want dessert.
  • Friday It’s that wonderful time of year where I don’t really know if there will be snow for my little snowboarders… Usually they have their ski/snowboard club on Friday, but we’ll have to see if the weather cooperates. If they go, I’ll pack them a dinner in our cooler, and they’ll still come home hungry at 9:30PM. In that case I’ll make them nachos. If they don’t go, I’ll make some kind of stir fry.
  • Saturday I’m going to aim for a light breakfast, and getting the family to the YMCA for some basketball. I may get vetoed in favor of a big breakfast and playing Rockband 4, which would actually be ok with me.
  • Sunday Brunch with some lady friends! Woop! I’m also going to need to do a pantry overhaul, I’m out of many things I consider staples, and need to get reorganized.

That’s all folks. I’m going to actually *try* to follow a soup recipe this weekend, usually  I just throw stuff together until I decide it’s right. Please share any favorites you have!

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