Foods #20160308

Here we go…

  • Monday Yesterday I made a chicken in white wine sauce, served over rice with creamed spinach on the side.
  • Tuesday Friendsdinner! I rotate with a group of friends, and after cooking SO many meatballs last week I now won’t have to cook for a whole month of Tuesdays. My mind is blown. This isn’t my week, so it will be a surprise 🙂
  • Wednesday  Lady night! I have a friend in from out of town, so dinner may be mostly snack foods. Also, deep dish artichoke/garlic sauce/peppers/cheese/other topping pizza and salad.
  • Thursday Parent Teacher Conferences! One is at 6:45, the other is at 7:15. Burritos for dinner will happen either before or after, I’ll have all the stuff prepped to reheat etc.
  • Friday Salmon, dumplings, veggies, and some kinda noodle stir fry.

That’s all for now folks!

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