Merry Meal Plan #20151221

Good news, everyone (in my very best Professor Farnsworth voice). My four impacted wisdom teeth were taken out last Thursday, and I still have chipmunk face. Also I can’t really eat or open my mouth wide enough to fit in a utensil.

So, here’s the meal plan, minus the pureed things I’ll be eating.

  • Monday Leftover chicken curry over rice, green veggies on the side for them. I have a whole butternut squash in the crockpot, because Rebecca and her sister say I can.
  • Tuesday Friendsdinner night, so I’m not cooking for my people. I will probably be bringing my own moosh to “enjoy” while eyeing whatever deliciousness they have going on. MAYBE I’ll be able to sneak a mouthful or two at that point.
  • Wednesday Chicken spring rolls, fingers crossed I’ll be back to normal eating by then.
  • Thursday xmas eve dinner! Salmon and crispy shrimp with baked potatoes & green beans on the side.
  • Friday xmas day dinner! I’m contributing chocolate cake, a big giant salad, rolls, and probably another dessert.

That’s all folks. I’m off to ask the internet about dry socket for the 53rd time. Happy holidays!

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