Belated #20151209

What’s the cure for falling off the meal planning wagon? Jumping on the meal planning donkey instead. This is me. Jumping on the donkey.

Exciting news everyone, yesterday I hosted my friendsdinner, and I didn’t die at all! I didn’t make any dessert either, but I can try to squeeze that in next time. Here’s what has happened, and what will happen.

  • Monday Spicy stir fried chicken, with extra turmeric, and a soy/sesame/ginger/honey sauce over rice. Garlicky brussels sprouts mixed with broccoli on the side.
  • Tuesday The BIG meal. My turn to cook for our weekly friendsdinner. Two kinds of crockpot meatloaf, hasselback potatoes, mixed veggies and fresh veggies with dip, and good old store bought rosemary olive-oil bread.
  • Wednesday Minute steaks, spinach, and more of the rosemary olive-oil bread that didn’t get eaten. Possibly transformed into garlic bread.
  • Thursday Chicken, black bean, and butternut squash burritos with fresh salsa and guac. LOTS of guac.
  • Friday Pizza and a Christmas concert.
  • Saturday Cookie party! Thanks for the invite Casey!

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