Food plan #20151110

I’m freaking out, man. In normal times, all my planning and shopping is done Sunday, and come Monday morning all I have to do is hit publish. So here we are on Tuesday, and my produce bin is down to a bit of romaine lettuce and some sad looking cilantro.

Freak. Ing. Out.

  • Monday I had zero plan, and asked the boys what they wanted to eat. Darian said ICE CREAM, and Kimathi said he wanted Pho. Guess who’s dinner idea won?
    • We stopped off at the neighborhood grocery store, I picked up some chicken and a bunch of broccoli and whipped up an unauthentic but totally delicious Pho Ga.
    • The chicken was seasoned with turmeric, salt and pepper.
    • For the broth, I started with chicken broth & added a smidge of green curry paste, soy sauce and cilantro.
    • Cooked up some rice noodles, added in some steamed carrots and broccoli, and BAM! Delicious.
  • Tuesday What do we do when we have no ideas? Burgers! Burrrrrrgeerrrrrrrrrrrs. Switching it up a teeny tiny bit, by topping it with BBQ sauce, spicy mustard, pickles, french fried onions, lettuce and tomato. Green beans on the side.
  • Wednesday Greek salad topped with marinated/broiled chicken and pita chips for croutons.
    • It’s kind of like this one from Dave Lieberman, but with store bought Greek dressing and no olives.
    • I thinly slice the red onions and soak them in the dressing for a while to quickly pickle them.
    • I also heat up some leftover rice and toss it with a bit of dressing and dill. It’s like a cheater pilaf, and after it cools down it’s mixed in to the greens. It adds bulk to the meal, makes it feel more dinner-ish, and it’s rad.
  • Thursday Potroast! It’s on sale! I totally cheat with onion soup mix, but it’s so so so good. Boiled potatoes with garlic butter on the side, along with some kinda green veggie. Did I mention that I haven’t done my grocery shopping yet? (insert screams)
  • Friday Chicken & black bean burritos, home made salsa, plenty of guac. The secret is to make them crispy, like they do over at Two Peas and their Pod. I keep intending to actually follow their directions, but I like my stuff so darn much that I never do. The other secret: I put roasted butternut squash cubes in my burritos and never tell the other burrito eaters. Because I don’t want to share the squash. Also because they probably wouldn’t appreciate it.

Bonus– I actually have some other stuff planned this weekend. Saturday brunch will be french toast. I like mine with a smear of creamy peanut butter and some raspberry preserves. Those other folks will have maple syrup and/or strawberries and whipped cream. I also have a number of Sunday projects, because visitors are coming for Thanksgiving! Specifically one dear friend, who used to hail from here. Then she hailed from Detroit. Now she hails from Columbus. We’ll be taking all the comforters, linens, etc. to the finest laundromat, with the most gigantic washers & dryers. One roll of quarters for laundry and a second roll of quarters for video games and snacks.

This blog is making me take a serious look at the number of times I make/eat burgers and burritos. It was supposed to give me more ideas of what to make just by scrolling through archives. Le sigh.

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