Meal Plan #20150504

I love seeing the boys have fun playing park sports, but this week practices start- Mondays and Wednesdays from 6PM to 7PM. Uhhhhhhhhm. That’s usually when I cook and we eat dinner. Because bed time is 8PM. This is going to be interesting.

  • Monday First practice today, and I totally didn’t plan right. I started a bulgogi marinade on a piece of sirloin yesterday, and was planning to serve it with rice and green beans. If I take a late lunch break I *think* I can run home and broil it up quickly. If I don’t get out of here in time, I’ll be making sandwiches and broiling beef after bed time.
  • Tuesday Shredded chicken burritos. Lots and lots and lots of guac. PS- the guac will be for dipping, because I always pan fry my burritos for extra deliciousness. By that I mean I spay notstick spray in a skillet, add a burrito, then spray the other side and flip it. Golden and slightly crunchy on the outside, oh so good and melty on the inside.
  • Wednesday For practice day two I actually have a solid plan! I made a meat sauce with ground turkey, red & yellow peppers, and some jarred pasta sauce over the weekend, and this will be that day. I’ll just boil up some pasta, throw the sauce on, and cross my fingers that they aren’t too messy eating it in the mini van on the way to baseball practice.
  • Thursday At this point I will be collapsed on the floor due to sheer exhaustion. So it’s going to be an improvised one-pan chicken, peppers and potatoes thing with lots of garlic (baked at 450 til done) and a salad on the side.
  • Friday We are going to the Science Museum with the boys- it’s the last weekend of TapeScape! I think this means we’ll treat ourselves to subway for dinner, but it may be a home-made picnic instead.

That’s all for now- please cross your fingers that I survive the week.

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