Back in the saddle. Meal plan #20150518

Last week I fell off the meal planning wagon, and we all suffered horribly. One delicious chicken and blue cheese pasta  thing. One failed curry. Ten tons of regret. So this week, I’m back in the meal-planning-saddle. Yeehaw!

  • Monday Baseball practice 1 of 2. Breakfast for dinner! French toast, sausage, scrambled eggs, collard greens.
  • Tuesday Spring rolls. Stuffed with leftover things. Yum!
  • Wednesday Baseball practice 2 of 2. Snack before, brats, corn, and broccoli after.
  • Thursday Stuffed shells with a meaty/turkey Italian sausage/peppers/spicy marinara sauce. Garlic bread and green beans on the side.
  • Friday I *think* it’s going to be pan seared chicken, topped with blue cheese and toasty breadcrumbs With some kind of veggie on the side. I’m still working on this part, and will peruse my Pinterest boards for inspiration through the week.

So that’s it! Mostly! If you have any ideas for Friday’s chicken thing please let me know.

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