Planless #20141112

I’m not sure why I do this to my self, but I am planless once again. I did some shopping. I have fed us a few nights now this week, but only after spending too much on groceries and being completely stressed out by it all. How on earth did I do this for years?

Before I freak out and buy even more ingredients without cooking what I have, here’s what’s happened and what’s happening.

  • Monday we had leftover spaghetti with turkey-Italian-sausage-tomato sauce and salad
  • Tuesday we had fish n’ chips- aka frozen breaded fish (not great), frozen french fries (surprisingly tasty but not the healthiest), and more salad. Technically Darian just had carrots and ranch, but hey it was raw and it was veggies, so I say it counts.
  • Wednesday aka today seared beef sausage with cabbage, carrots, bell peppers and onions, served over rice. This also makes excellent lunch material for the next day or two. (Note to self- also start defrosting the chicken for the weekend’s roast)
  • Thursday I have chicken drumsticks that I absolutely need to bake up, but I’ll toss em in some kind of sauce after they’re done cooking. It will probably be a sticky teriyaki, orange marmalade, and sesame oil concoction. With stir fried rice noodles and broccoli on the side.
  • Friday beef stew with carrots, rutabagas and more over rice. Caesar salad to start, possibly some fresh bread as well.
  • Saturday My mom is in town- so maybe I’ll actually go out to eat with her! But if not, it will be roast chicken, baked potatoes, and spinach.
  • Sunday Some kind of soup from Saturday’s chicken and freshly baked bread.

There. Now I feel approximately 10,000,000 times better.

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