Meal Plan #20141104

You know that problem, where you have 10,000 recipes you want to try but zero time? That’s the problem I have right now. My Pinterest boards are overflowing with delicious inspiration, and yet I’ve made a grand total of ZERO recipes.


For real. I mean, look at this. And this! And this. I want to make and eat everything in the world. Anyway. Back to business. SIGH.

  • Monday We had stir fried rice noodles with cabbage, carrots, onions, and broccoli, with hoisin-peanutty chicken. I didn’t use the rice noodles last week (PS, no idea at all what I made instead), so this happened yesterday.
  • Tuesday This is today. SIGH. I threw some bone-in frozen chicken in my crockpot this morning, covered it with broth, and added chopped onions, celery, a few cloves of  garlic, a dash of red pepper flakes, old bay, a bay leaf (is that redundant?), and seasoned salt. There’s rice in the rice cooker too, so we’ll be testing the limits of the “keep warm” feature today. I’m planning to thicken up the broth into a sauce, add sour cream and broccoli and serve the cut up chicken over the rice. Will it work? I hope? Broccoli two days in a row cause it’s what I have.
  • Wednesday Did I mention that I have yet to do my grocery shopping? Because I have yet to do my grocery shopping. This is the new kid free night, and after grocery shopping it will be filled with taco bowls. I never made them last week due to avocado un-ripeness, and now I have two *new* avocados that are likely to be ready Wednesday. I think these may end up being meatless, so one avocado per bowl is definitely the way to do it. Plus tons of cilantro and lime. Yum.
  • Thursday I have ZERO ideas. This will be updated after  grocery shopping Wednesday.
  • Friday Spaghetti night! Breadsticks! Caesar salad!

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