Mini Menu Plan #20200405

Welp, I’m running low on fresh groceries, so I’m stretching out my next trip to the grocery store until Wednesday morning. and planning just a few meals. I’ll base what I cook on what they have in stock at the store, and report back. In other news, I use the word welp quite a bit.

Sunday Chicken thighs in with white wine sauce, garlicky broccoli, boiled potatoes with butter and dill, and dinner rolls. Last week I tried to make this recipe for dinner rolls but I think I overworked the dough a bit, and they didn’t come out especially tender. I’m giving the recipe another try before moving on.

Monday Baked tilapia seasoned with Old Bay, salad with Romaine lettuce, red cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, plenty of black pepper, and Newman’s own balsamic vinaigrette,  and the part I’m most excited for, tater tots! It’s been ages since I bought these little packages of love from Ore-Ida, and when I found some in the frozen section last week I quite literally did a happy dance. The other shoppers were very entertained from an appropriate social distance.

Tuesday we’ll have Spaghetti Speusday- featuring spaghetti cacio e pepe, lemon pepper chicken wings, a loaf of crusty no-knead cheddar bread, and creamed spinach. I use Martha’s recipe, but with two bricks of frozen spinach.

That’s the plan for now! We can resort to frozen pizzas and ramen if we have to stretch it longer than that for some reason, otherwise I’ll come up with a plan after shopping on Wednesday.

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