Friends Dinner from January, finally published #20200330

On  Monday 1/13/2020 it was my turn to host Friends Dinner. I started this post to just think about what I wanted to cook, with as much prep done before hand as possible. This is what I came up with:

  • Meatloaf! Regular and keto/no ketchup/grain free options
  • Cooked vegetables
    • Buttered green beans (costco)
    • Roasted zucchini (aldi)  This one didn’t happen. Zucchini went into the keto meatloaf and wasn’t a side.
  • Other sides
    • Hawaiian rolls (costco)
    • Boiled potatoes, buttered with dill
    • Spinach artichoke dip (costco)
    • Clementines (target)
  • Desserts
    • Rice Krispie treats (target)
    • Brownies

There were also a few things I *needed* to happen before hosting, and many things I *wanted* to happen. Recognizing the difference between a want and a need, both lists are below.


    • Get the Christmas tree down. There’s a range of kids from 2-14 and they play. My tree needs to be taken down so there aren’t any ornament casualties.
    • Shop. Three stops for this one: Aldi, Sun World Supermarket, and Costco
    • Clean up! This needs to happen by Saturday, because after that it’s cooking time.


Two desserts! I know it’s a bit ridiculous, but I like having a chocolate and a non-chocolate dessert option done on Sunday. I won’t make time for it on Monday, and I like having a sweet treat available.

I think all of this actually happened. There was probably more on the list that I deleted as time ran out, but overall I was pleased with the effort and didn’t have that much to do when guests actually arrived. I’m dearly missing my weekly get together with this group now that we’re all staying home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and will be glad when things even out a bit more.




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