Just meals, but lots of them. Updated! #20200420

Monday 4/20/2020 Burgers, and chicken wings, and salad. Oh my!

Tuesday 4/21/2020 Lasagna, broccoli, crusty bread.

Wednesday 4/22/20020 will be our day to eat up leftovers- pot roast from Sunday, chicken wild rice soup, collard greens with ham, and some extra rice.

Thursday 4/23/2020 Orange chicken stirfry, mixed veggies with cabbage, green beans, and more, rice on the side.

Friday 4/24/2020 Grilled lamb, this tasty mint and caper sauce, naan bread, and asparagus as long as the weather cooperates. If not, we’ll have naan pizzas inside and grill the lamb on Saturday. I wasn’t able to get lamb, and I was all out of motivation, so we had frozen pizzas and salad.

Saturday brunch 4/25/2020 will be waffles, strawberries, and bacon, plus eggs, spinach, and blender hollandaise for those of us who prefer a savory option.

Saturday dinner 4/25/2020 will be curry! Chicken thighs with green curry, coconut milk, and veggies over rice.

Sunday 4/26/2020 will be orange balsamic chicken, crusty bread, and broccoli. Ribs! With baked mac and cheese, and green beans on the side.

Monday 4/27/20020 Baked fish with old bay, tater tots (with dips!), green beans. Brats on the grill, regular old toppings, grilled brussels sprounts thanks to my grill pan.

Tuesday 4/28/2020 Pesto pasta, garlicky chicken thighs, Caesar salad. Leftover brats and ribs! Green beans and mac on the side. 

Wednesday 4/29/2020 Vegetarian fajita burritos! Black beans, fajita veggies,  corn salsa, plenty of cheese, sour cream, and cilantro lime rice. More leftovers, this time with Brussels Sprouts. I also had leftover spinach/ham crustless quiche.

Thursday 4/30/2020 FINALLY BACK TO NEW FOOD and kicking it off with a sesame chicken stir fry, broccoli, and rice on the side.

At any point if the weather gets more spring like we’ll put that meal on hold and grill some brats and dogs. Cross your fingers for us!

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