Menu Plan #20181128


I have about 33 drafts saved where I started to document past menu plans, but since most of them are many months old I’ll just start fresh.

Monday was Friends Dinner, even though we all spent most of the weekend hanging out, playing board games or rock band 4, and eating leftovers. Ian purchased a bunch of pizzas from Papa Murphy’s and we ate more leftover pies.

Tuesday was still Spaghetti Speusday, and we had spaghetti, baked shrimp, and steamed broccoli. Mine was all mixed together, Darian’s was all separate, and we both had plenty of extra Parmesan on top.

Wednesday will be vegetarian burritos, with black beans, cilantro lime rice, corn salsa, roasted peppers and onions, more salsas, sour cream, and guac. They will be made extra tasty by crisping them up in a pan with some oil. I’m not sure what to call this, but it makes them wonderful instead of just good.

Thursday is going to be Stirfry Stursday again, as usual. Spicy chicken thighs with vegetables served over rice. Plenty of toasted sesame seeds on top.

Friday will be Darian’s night to cook, and he has yet to determine his menu. I’m going to try and talk him into making something in the crockpot, like this balsamic pot roast.

This weekend is the weekend before my 35th birthday! Wahoo! I kind of want to do something social on Saturday, but I might just end up baking and hanging out with my dog instead. We’ll see. It’s been too long since I made apple pie, so that definitely needs to happen, but I also want to try out this recipe for brown sugar cookies. I really need to restock my freezer with more chocolate chip cookie dough (preportioned and with fancy chocolate chips) and I would like to make at least half of these recipes.


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