Menu plan #20190114

Hello, 2019. I started writing this post in 2018 and then got distracted. I’m trying all sorts of things with monthly (rather than yearly) resolutions. My first and only January resolution is to do rapid logging in a bullet journal, and I’m keeping it super simple. Someday I *might* make it pretty like so many people on Pinterest, but for now, it’s utilitarian and I enjoy it. Anyway, here’s the meals for the week.

Monday is not my night to cook Friends Dinner.

Tuesday will again be Spaghetti Speusday. We’ll have pasta with Parmesan, salmon, and spinach on the side.

Wednesday will be chicken enchiladas verdes, rice, beans, salad, guac, and salsa on the side.

Thursday will be Stirfry Stursday and I’d really, REALLY like to try this recipe for Garlic Ginger Glazed Pork. We’ll see if that actually happens, I often end up defaulting to whatever-is-around rather than following specific measurements and recipes. Either way, it will be served with rice and broccoli.

Friday I will once again NOT be cooking, since we’ll be having dinner at a community event! The Gathering is a monthly event at ArtsUs in St. Paul, and it happens every third Friday from 6-8PM. It’s free and open to the public, so if you’re in the metro area you should come check it out.

Saturday breakfast will be waffles, sausage, and fruit by Chef Kimathi, age 13. After breakfast, I’ll be putting my Anova immersion circulator to work!! I scored this puppy at a holiday party, and am SO jazzed to try out my new toy.

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