Late but planned menu #20180615

It’s the week after the ’17-’18 school year ended. The boys started out with a long weekend in Duluth, MN with Kimathi’s mom, aunt, and cousin, and got back into town on Tuesday. My mom was in town for a mid-week visit, arriving on Tuesday and leaving this (Friday) morning. There’s been lots of excitement and activities, and as a bonus, my dear friend Edmund is in town. It’s been a good week! Here’s the menu/activity extravaganza:

  • Monday the boys were still out of town, and I actually stayed home from work with day two of a sore throat. I was online for work most of the day, but after a late afternoon nap and plenty of medication, I felt a million times better. Thankfully it was not-my-night-to-cook for Friends Dinner. Ian grilled up brats and hot dogs, which were served with watermelon, potato salad, and dessert of angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream. It was my first non-soup-meal in two days and it was delicious.
  • Tuesday My mom came into town and picked up Darian around 2pm when he arrived home from the Duluth trip. He had his baseball practice from 5:30 to 6:30 and I made pork chops and Caesar salad for dinner. Parmesan cheese and lemon wedges to garnish the pork chops.
  • Wednesday my mom had the day with the boys and took them to Hyland Play Area in Bloomington, MN. We got Kimathi to his baseball pictures and the game that followed, then my mom took us out to dinner.
  • Thursday my mom had the boys again and based on their report it sounds like they mostly hung out, played outside with neighbor kids, made a trip to Target for some strawberries, got coffee, and played a few card games. I enjoyed a gourmet lunch of Jimmy John’s sandwiches with Edmund and Andrew at work, then the evening was filled with baseball once again. Darian had two grandma’s cheering for him, and his team won with a grand total of 22 points. After the game and Kimathi’s practice, we continued the tradition of Stirfry Stursday, with a chicken/broccoli/carrot/green onion/oyster sauce/sesame oil/cilantro stirfry served over white rice.
  • Friday I have the day off with the boys! It’s Kimathi’s night to cook, and our 12-year-old chef has decided to grill up some cheeseburgers, make green beans, and baked french fries. We have plans to go see Isle of Dogs at the second run theater later, and we’re currently doing our best to take it easy.

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Day off. Chillin in hammocks, nbd.

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This weekend we have a birthday party to go to, which will be hosted at Como Pool. Of course, we’ll also be celebrating Father’s Day, but I’m not supposed to give away our specific plans. Trips to the dog park are definitely happening at some point.

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