Updated Menu Plan #20180528

It’s my week to host our friends’ dinner, and it just happens to line up with Memorial Day. It’s supposed to be 93 and sunny, so I’ll set up the sprinkler and serve up: Update: it was 98, super humid, with light rain and then thunderstorms. We put in our window AC to combat the heat and humidity to the best of our abilities, and I made:

  • Hot dogs and brats!Buns optional, toppings available will be (this still happened and I finished grilling just as the light rain started) :
    • Ketchup
    • Mustard (yellow and whole grain)
    • Mayo
    • Pickles
    • Sauerkraut
    • Grilled onions
    • Jalapenos
    • Cilantro
    • Tomatoes
    • BACON
    • Avocado
  • Chips and dips:
    • Spinach artichoke dip
    • Regular tomato salsa
    • Non-regular black eyed pea salsa, aka Casey’s sassy girl salsa
  • Veggies with ranch and hummus (I didn’t get to the dips, so just put out a bottle of ranch dressing):
    • Mostly cucumbers, these always get eaten up
    • Lots of bell peppers
    • Carrots
    • Cauliflower
    • Broccoli
    • Celery
  • Probably pasta salad or potato salad. Also baked beans.
  • Fruits maybe (this happened! I got 4 pounds of strawberries and cubed up a cantaloupe)
  • Desserts!
    • Rice Krispie treats
    • Strawberries, whipped cream, and angel food cake. Key lime pie from Costco
    • Bomb pops
    • Snickers ice cream bars
    • Klondike bars Ice cream sandwiches, still oreo and mint chocolate chip
  • Drinks
    • Iced tea
    • Sparkling Water
    • Kid drink pouches
    • Pitcher Mojitos (nope, ran out of time and/or motivation)
    • Probably some beer too (Mike’s hard lemonade sampler and Stella)

We’ll have to eat the rest of the week too, I guess.

  • Tuesday is mostly taken up by baseball practice. Lemon pepper chicken, Caesar Salad, and other leftovers when we get home (We have so many leftover brats and hot dogs and veggies! We’ll just keep eating leftovers until they run out)
  • Wednesday Fajita Burritos with black beans, roasted cauliflower rice, plenty of cilantro and lime. Sour cream and extra salsa on the side. UPDATE: we just had more leftovers.
  • Thursday will have both a baseball game and a baseball practice, with each kid needing to get to a different park. After the logistical nightmare is complete, I’ll toss together leftover grilled chicken, veggies, and rice noodles in some kinda sauce, cause it’s still Stirfry Stursday.
  • Friday is Darian’s night to cook! The 9-year-old chef has decided to make this salmon recipe, with steamed green beans, coconut shrimp,  and bread on the side. UPDATE: this kid is so darn proud of his result. When he’s a bit older and more experienced I’ll consider telling him when the salmon gets a bit over cooked.D941600C-EB30-403E-AFED-9F1C14856489.jpeg

Next week is the last week of school, and I’m 100% not prepared for my kids to be getting older. That’s all.


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