Menu plan #20180523

This week is quite a week because it’s filled with kid performances and baseball season has begun. I was just telling my dear friend Eleanor that this crusty ol’ blog helps keep me accountable when it comes to meal planning, so I’m still writing out my plan for this week, even though it’s half over. Here we go!

  • Monday Sadly we missed friends dinner this week. The kids attend Rec Check at the same facility where their recital is happening for Project CHEER  at 6:15, so we had sandwiches and apple slices for dinner before that.
  • Tuesday I had the day off to attend a funeral, then we had a baseball practice for one kid starting at 5:30, and a band concert for the other kid from 6:30 to 8PM. Meatball sandwiches and carrot sticks for dinner.
  • Wednesday morning Darian performed as “A Rock”, not to be confused with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, in the 3rd Grade play about St. Paul, MN. Video coming soon. The kids will be off at Kimathi’s baseball game but I won’t be joining them. I’ll be taking care of some yard work, grilling up a bunch of chicken, and cooking a giant batch of rice to mix and match for a few different meals. Tonight I’ll make spring rolls for dinner.
  • Thursday Stirfry Stursday will put yesterday’s chicken and rice to work along with a ton of veggies. Baseball practice at 6 for one kid, and a game for the other kid on the same night because that’s just how it works out sometimes. Apple slices and cheese sticks in the car before the game/practice, stirfry when we get home.
  • Friday Is no longer my night to cook! This is the week my partner is taking the lead on dinner, and our kids take the other Fridays. I’ll be out doing yard work while he cooks because the way he uses my pans stresses me out. I’m still not convinced that this is helpful.

It’s Memorial Day weekend, so we’ll do something provided there are no other sports-related events that I have yet to find out about.

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