Spring Break Plan #20180402

This week I’m off work to spend Spring Break with my kids! Wahoo! This is the first time in quite a while that Spring Break lines up with Easter, so over the weekend we went to visit family in Wisconsin and we’ll be driving back today.

  • Monday will be a travel day! We’ll pick up lunch on the road, likely at the Abbeyland Travel Center, which is probably the best truck stop in the fine state of Wisconsin. Dinner is not-my-night-to-cook for Friends Dinner.
  • Tuesday we’ll start out with unpacking/laundry/playing with neighborhood friends. Meatball subs and apple slices at home for lunch. We’ll catch a $5 movie in the afternoon, which will probably be Pacific Rim Uprising. Pizza, baked lemon pepper chicken, and Caesar salad for dinner.
  • Wednesday morning we’ll hit up the library, then we’ll head to Costco to pick up a few items and have lunch. After grocery drop-off, we’ll spend the afternoon swimming at the St. Paul Midway YMCA. Dinner will be a thrown together chicken/alfredo/broccoli/peppers/smoked sausage kinda thing.
  • Thursday we’ll tackle a spring cleaning project in the morning, then make burgers for lunch with some kinda fruit or veggies. Kids will have time to hang out with their neighborhood friends in the afternoon. It’s Stirfry Stursday, so I’ll make some teriyaki chicken with rice, broccoli, dumplings on the side.
  • Friday we’ll send the kids out to play in the morning while I take care of a few work items. We’ll hit up a buffet for lunch with their dad, then play some board games in the afternoon. The boys will head over to a friends place for an overnight, and as soon as they’re out of the house I’ll promptly collapse from activity overload. Leftovers for dinner.

This plan is highly subject to change, depending on what the weather does and how much I choose to indulge the various kid-suggestions that are sure to pop up.


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