Menu Plan #20180312

I don’t really have anything extra to say this week. So… Here we go.

  • Monday is our weekly Friends Dinner, and it’s not my night to cook.
  • Tuesday we’ll have baked fish with plenty of tartar sauce, fresh lemon, and Caesar salad on the side.
  • Wednesday is Pie day and/or Pi day. 3/14. Get it?! I’m making some kind of pie to celebrate. Leftover lasagna will be for dinner, with pie for dessert. Probably. If it’s done cooling. Maybe I’ll make the pie on Tuesday and then not have to cook at all.
  • Thursday will be Stirfry Stursday — again! We have parent-teacher conferences so this meal will be a quick one. I’ll be making garlic shrimp with broccoli and pea pods, with dumplings and rice on the side.
  • Friday It’s supposed to actually be warmish outside! The 7-day forecast says that it should be around 50°F when it’s dinner o’clock, so I’ll be grilling some chicken wings and pizza (using mini naan from Costco), served with a side salad.

There it is. For now. Probably to be updated/changed at some point. Bye!

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