Menu Plan #20180305

What a week! School was canceled today here in the snowy north, and so we’re already off to a roaring start. Here’s what I’m planning to cook:

  • Monday is usually our Friends Dinner, and it’s not my night to cook. That being said, there is supposed to be an epic storm (with thundersnow) hitting right about at this time and we might just skip it. If we stay home, I’ll make some kind of chicken, smoked sausage, pasta, and veggie thing.
  • Tuesday Burgers! With various toppings and Caesar salad on the side.
  • Wednesday Corned beef & cabbage. I’ll make the corned beef low and slow in a crock pot, saute some onions, celery, then add the crock pot broth and simmer potatoes, carrots, and cabbage. It’ll be practice for St. Patrick’s day.
  • Thursday will once again be Stirfry Stursday. This week I’ll be making a hodgepodge-orange-chicken-knockoff with orange juice, soy sauce, garlic, red pepper flakes, and a little bit of cornstarch to thicken it up. Chicken thighs will be stir-fried with bell peppers and onions, sauced up, and then served over rice with plenty of broccoli on the side.
  • Friday the kiddos will be snowboarding with a family friend! They will eat there, but they’re sure to be ravenous when they get home so I’ll have a metric ton of spaghetti ready for them to devour.

Weekend cooking ideas: Saturday breakfast will be hashbrown potatoes, smoked sausage, eggs and crepes with some kind of fruit. I’m also going to be making a few kinds of sugar cookies, like this one and this one, to try and come up with a go-to recipe for this particular type of cookie. I’ll also put extra sauce from Friday to use and try my hand at making a half-batch of lasagna. I have yet to successfully make anything less than two full-sized batches, so cross your fingers, say a little prayer, or send some good vibes my way.

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