Mini plan #20151012

Short week! Kids have no school Thursday and Friday, so we’re taking a trip to visit family in Appleton, WI. Following a long car ride, there will be lots of playing, hiking, general merrymaking, and of course Wilmar Chocolates.

Also important- it’s a short meal planing week.

  • Monday Smoked turkey stew. I made stock from smoked turkey legs yesterday and shredded up the meat, now all that is left is throwing veggies into a pot, and adjust seasonings until delicious. Fresh crusty bread and salad on the side.
  • Tuesday Belated-birthday-homemade-Chinese-takeout-feasting for Kimathi! Teriyaki chicken with white rice, dumplings, and garlicky green beans. Strawberry ice cream for dessert.
  • Wednesday Curry chicken with veg.
  • Thursday through Saturday Travelling and flying by the seat of my pants! Wahoo!

I already have some apples beef jerky for car snacks. I’ll bake some cookies on Wednesday eve, and will make a bunch of popcorn the morning of our departure, so all we’ll need to buy on the road is gas, drinks, and cheese curds. I’m sure I’m forgetting something else, but my list will grow as needed. Have a great week peeps!

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