Just Meals #20150811

Monday– We had fish n chips, with an appetizer of broccoli slaw. With all the dipping sauces. It was a pretty big hit, especially the sweet chili sauce.

Tuesday-  Chicken spring rolls with avocado, lettuce, and quick pickled veggies. It’s like a sushi roll fell in love with a salad, and then moved into a delicious rice paper home.

Wednesday- Pot roast, crusty bread, green beans on the side.

Thursday-  Grilled stuffed vegetarian burritos. Guac, salsa, and sour cream on the side, for maximum dipaliciousness.

Friday-  Pasta! Either chicken and broccoli alfredo, or a meaty marinara, depending on the mood of my diners. We’ll start with salad, and add garlic bread as appropriate.

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