Just Meals #20150824

Summer is a crazy time. Crazy busy. Crazy fun. Here’s the meals!

  • Monday Pastys! I chopped most of the veg and made the crust dough yesterday. Today all I have to do is assemble and bake. If I haven’t already talked your ear off about pastys in person, here is the link to a handy dandy pasty recipe.
  • Tuesday Leftover lasagna and salad. This is pretty much my favorite part of making lasagna. Apple cake for dessert! When I don’t cook new food for dinner I get to bake. Yum. Yum. Yummy-yum-yum.
  • Wednesday Teriyaki chicken spring rolls with quick pickled veggies! I pretty much need to eat this non stop, however if it’s a cold day I’ll do something hot instead.
  • Thursday Cheeseburgers, hot dogs, hasselback potatoes (like this except I don’t peel the potatoes and I never use breadcrumbs), corn on the cob, and a big old greek salad on the side. I’m desperately clinging to summer, even though it’s already really cool here in Minnesota.
  • Friday Chicken & broccoli alfredo with bowtie pasta, garlic bread on the side. Yum!

At some point this weekend I’ll work in Fish N’ Chips, and bake a bunch  more. I’m thinking it will probably be a variety of cookies and maybe even a chocolate cake. Here’s to taking advantage of baking weather!

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