Meals! #20150414


  • Monday Yesterday. Burgers! Fresh stuff on the side. Baked sweet potato fries.
  • Tuesday Burritos. Fish, slaw, mango salsa. Numa numa numa nummmmaaaaay.
  • Wednesday I think I’m finally going to make the chicken alfredo pasta that I keep saying I’m going to make. Plus broccoli on the side. We’ll see!
  • Thursday Beef Stirfry, green beans, rice.
  • Friday Oven “fried” chicken, corn on the cob, and probably some kind of salad. Or creamed spinach? Something green. Lots of something green.
  • This weekend Saturday will be a big breakfast as usual. Something unusual for lunches…. maybe chili dogs?

Ok, I’m outta here! Give me all your meal ideas please.

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