Just Meals #20150330

Yes, I’m back to just posting meals. Also! I thought I posted this yesterday, and then did not.

Even after scrolling through my past weeks and perusing my pinterest boards, I am left somewhat uninspired this week. Any tips or ideas much appreciated, as usual. I promise I will try to not interrupt you the entire time you are talking, but no guarantees.

  • Monday Pastys! I actually made them! I had the dough all ready to go, so it was just whipping up the filling, putting it into the oven, and adding a side salad. After this my inspiration fails.
  • Tuesday Chicken & pasta alfredo with broccoli on the side.
  • Wednesday Fish sandwiches, toasted buns, lettuce and tzatziki sauce. It’s a delicious change from traditional tartar sauce, you should try it some time. Green beans on the side.
  • Thursday Chicken curry. Again. I think. This may change into chicken burritos depending on my mood. This will likely change to chicken burritos. Ok, this has changed to chicken burritos.
  • Friday Brats, corn on the cob, Brussels sprouts. Spell check keeps making me capitalize the “b” in Brussels. Is that even correct?
  • Weekend Brunch brunch brunch brunch more brunch!

That is that. Again, please please  send me all your meal ideas

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