Food-spriations #20150422

This is me right now: click. Ooooh! Type. Type. Click. Scribble.

Got it? Good. Glad we discussed this. So! I have a super boring meal plan this week, that is already in effect. It prominently features alliteration, just so you know. Waffle Wednesday is a thing.

So! Back to the clicking, scribbling, etc. Today friends, I am food inspired. Today I’m transferring my on paper food-spirations here, to my humble, mostly pictureless, and only intermittently updated blog. For easier finding later, clarity, and whatnot. Also, I’m posting this with the slim hope that maybe, just maybe, some of your silent but deadly types to post your food-spirations in the comments. Even though I kind of just called you farts. Please?

Here we go!

  • Sushi spring rolls. This needs to be a thing. Because 1) it sounds dang tasty 2) I’m kind of horrible at rolling sushi and 3) anything that gets sushi-like flavors into my mouth is a good thing. I could whip up a big old batch of sushi rice (here’s the recipe I use) and then go to town. Avocado? Sure! Lettuce? Why not! Pickled veggies? Yep! Little strips of nori for that extra special sushi flavor without all the heart ache? Offffffffff courrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssse!
  • Any other kind of fresh spring roll, if I’m being completely honest. Is it wrong that I want to make some coconut beef curry just so I can mix in some chopped up rice noodles and roll it up into a fresh spring roll? Cause if that’s wrong, I’m not sure I wanna be right.
  • Also. Fajita spring rolls are happening soon. If chain restaurants can sell them as egg roll appetizers, then surely I can make them into a fresh spring roll. Don’t judge me. Or do, that’s ok too.
  • Great BIG salads. I want them all. With shredded up smoked turkey. And/or craisins. And/or edamame. And/or all the veggies. Let’s just do a google image search for “Big Salad” and then find a way to get them ALL in my mouth. Related: I want to make all sorts of different and interesting vinaigrettes. Because yum.
  • Roasted veggies with balsamic drizzle type thing. Maybe some fresh chopped herbs sprinkled over the top, right before they are devoured. Yaaaas.
  • All zucchini everything. Each and every one of the items featured in the article “20 of Our Best Zucchini Recipes” Especially the zucchini squares. No one at my house would help me eat them, and that’s just fine by me.
  • Fish. I want it, I need it, if I don’t get it I will surely perish. Only problem is that I want it along with warm weather. Maybe something fresh and citrus-y like this Ecuadorian recipe. I have a serious love of anything made with coconut milk, and as soon as the temp is above 70 here in MinneSnowTa, all things fish-and-coconut-milk are happening.

There’s more to add here, I’m sure. But please please please. Tell me all your ideas. Facebook me. Text me. Tweet me. Talk to me face to face if you actually see me out side of my hermit-hole.

Happy Wednesday peeps!

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