Meal Plan #20140922

So it’s official. Last night’s lasagna (along with the breadsticks I made using Trader Joe’s garlic & herb pizza dough) was the biggest hit in the history of hits.  The family was *excited* and satisfied. It was so good.

It can only go down hill from here… But here it goes anyway!

  • Monday Sauteed chicken breast with a garlic/goat cheese/pepperoncini stuffing, topped with a quick thyme/broth/cream pan sauce. Inspired by Martha, but with my own tweaks. Served over garlic mashed potatoes. Corn on the cob and broccoli on the side.
  • Tuesday  Beef stew with rutabagas, carrots, celery, onions & more over rice. Green beans on the side.
  • Wednesday Orange/teriyaki chicken, stir fried rice noodles with carrots/cabbage/peapods, side of green beans.
  • Thursday Jazzed up leftovers! Hopefully some beef stew in bread bowls, any lingering lasagna from Sunday, and salad if there aren’t enough veggies.
  • Friday Pasta with smoked sausage, peppers, and a spicy/garlicky tomato sauce. Spinach and breadsticks on the side. I’m going to *TRY* and make this garlic and herb pizza dough on Thursday night, but if I run out of time/motivation I’ll pick up the magical dough from Trader Joes again.
  • Saturday/Sunday: Cabin weekned! We’re helping close up a family friend’s cabin for the winter. Food will be taken care of. Bliss!

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