The Blahs


The blahs. I have them. I’m not able to exactly put my finger on why I have them, but that’s not making it much easier to shake them. I’m feeling generally ill equipped to take on the big and small things on my plate, which at times feels over flowing and other times seems a bit empty. Go figure.

Pushing on.

  • Monday We had burrito bowls. Cilantro lime rice, shredded chicken in a tomatillo/sour cream sauce, black beans, fresh salsa, guac and shredded cheese. Fresh cilantro and lime all around.
  • Tuesday Burgers, fresh corn, salad.
  • Wednesday Putting my leftover soy/sesame/garlic shredded beef to work- beef, ginger and cabbage egg rolls, fried rice, green beans, peanut/sesame chicken. This would be a lot of work, but all this is already cooked: beef, rice, and chicken. Most work will be assembly & timing.
  • Thursday Stuffed shells with marinara, garlic bread, salad. I really need to do some yard work, so thank goodness I have these in my freezer already from the last time I made them. 
  • Friday Pizza night. Home made if I’m motivated, premade (homebaked) dough if I’m not. 
  • Weekend we have a day trip planned on Saturday to take the kids swimming at a lake & have a mini get away. Sunday menu will be planned along with a proper grocery run.

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