I’m being abandoned. Also, Menu Plan #20140814.

First- my son is going on a fabulous three night trip. On Wednesday morning, he’s headed up to Lutsen, MN with his older brother & family for vacation. He’ll be back around dinner time on Saturday. I’m trying to psych myself up and make all sorts of social plans, or to tackle some gigantic organizing project, but honestly I’m gonna miss my big-little guy. I’m sure he’s going to have a blast, and I’ll figure out a way to survive.


Ok, back to business. Here’s menu plan #20140818. 

[PS- that’s the date today, not the actual number of menu plans I’ve ever made… Someday though…]

  • Monday Stuffed shells with meaty marinara and a side of broccoli. Because I didn’t actually make them last week, and I’m taking advantage of my freezer meal!
  • Tuesday Beefy stir fry with mixed veggies over rice. Soy sauce and sesame oil for maximum deliciousness with minimal effort. Extra everything because the boys inhale it.
  • Wednesday Pizza! I’m going to console myself with pizza on his first night away. I’ll try out this crust recipe with the bread flour I have on hand and report back. 
  • Thursday Dinner at my mom’s! I’m taking a night off cooking after we go for a walk around a lake, and/or make a trip to a yarn store.
  • Friday Taco bowls! Some kinda meat, plus beans, plus fresh salsa, over cilantro/lime rice. Yum.
  • Weekend The boys are back! We’ll eat whatever they want! Probably cookies.

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