Menu plan, kind of #20190611

It’s the week after school has ended, which means my mom is in town Grandma-ing the heck out of kids and my meal plan is late. And also only includes two dinners. Here we go!

Monday was Friends Dinner, and it was not my night to cook! Our friends made a delicious chicken/rice casserole thing, and salad with more dressing choices than I even thought possible.

Tuesday we’re going out to dinner with my brother! Wahoo! We’ll be going to a new-to-me restaurant in Minneapolis called Hai Hai. I’ve heard great things and am very excited to try about 8 different menu items.

Wednesday I’m making pork chops, boiled red potatoes with butter and dill, and salad.

Thursday  will mark the triumphant return of Stir Fry Stursday! I took last week off becuase all I had defrosted/available was ground beef so we had burgers instead. There was a minor uproar, so we’re back to it this week. I’ll make this Korean inspired beef in my slow cooker, serve it with rice and broccoli.

Friday we are out! Camping! For the weekend! Foods will be low key, like foil packets, hot dogs, PB sandwiches, etc.

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