Updated Menu Plan #20190422

UPDATE: I was sick over the weekend and didn’t get any of my usual prep/shopping done, so the lunch soups/stews are pushed back and we’re eating more ham that was kicking around after Easter dinner. I even froze the ham bone and some meat and there’s still somehow more ham than we can possibly eat. Behold, my slightly new and partially updated menu plan!

Monday lunch was a leftover ham and cheese sandwich, potato and corn salad, and some fresh fruit. Monday dinner will be at the Royaal’s and is not my night to cook.

Tuesday lunch was supposed to be stew, but instead was even more ham and cheese sandwiches! Chopped salad on the side- with Newman’s Own Sesame Ginger Dressing, broccoli, red cabbage, various leftover greens, and crunchy toppings of fried wonton strips and toasted sesame seeds. Tuesday dinner will still be pre-swimming-lesson Spaghetti Spuesday, this time lemon pepper pork chops, garlic/Parmesan/butter spaghetti, and steamed green beans.

Wednesday lunch will be lamb stew (I’ll cook this Tuesday night starting with this recipe, then adding more veggies and garbanzo beans), crusty bread, and cucumber salad.  Wednesday dinner will definitely be a leftover buffet, because I still have cheesy potatoes and never-ending ham. I’m going to transform some of it into an egg bake, and the rest will be chopped, portioned out, and frozen for another week. I don’t have any shortage of inspiration, and will be planning about one of these a week until it’s gone. 

Thursday will be a turkey sandwich, deviled eggs, pasta salad (rotini with steamed broccoli, bell lunch peppers, pepper jack cheese, Parmesan, and Olive Garden’s Italian dressing), and fruit. Thursday dinner will be Stir Fry Stursday- with peanut chicken stir fry, rice, and green beans.

Friday lunch will be a lentil and spicy sausage soup (a half batch of this recipe but with a mix of red and brown lentils), more crusty bread and more cucumber salad. Friday dinner will be meatloaf, roasted red potatoes, and brussels sprouts.

Saturday I’m making a promise to myself to get/make some kind of non-frozen fish. I don’t know exactly what it will be yet.

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