Late menu plan #20180424

This past weekend we drove North to visit my Dad and Step Mom in Lutsen, MN. We made maple syrup, we threw rocks into Lake Superior, we had a grand time, and we arrived back at 5PM on Sunday night. This (again) puts me behind my usual menu planning schedule, so here’s my best guess at what will happen for dinner this week.

  • Monday It was Friends Dinner, and not-my-night-to-cook! We were at a park, enjoying a sunny evening in the upper 60s, and our dear friends grilled chicken wings, brats, veggies, and burgers. It was so very nice outside!
  • Tuesday Will be leftover lasagna and apple slices. Because I made it last week and we have to eat it before it goes bad.
  • Wednesday PASTA. I’ll either be brave and try making Carbonara for the first time, or I’ll stay in the safe zone, and make penne with smoked sausage, chicken, broccoli, and alfredo sauce. It depends entirely on my motivation after getting home.
  • Thursday Is Stirfry Stursday! Yes, I’m still trying to make that a thing. Say it fast and don’t think about it too much. This week will be instant pot beef & broccoli, with a healthy shake of toasted sesame seeds, and served over white rice.
  • Friday Is no longer my night to cook because my partner is taking the lead on dinner. I’ll be out in the yard playing with the dog while he cooks because the way he uses my pans stresses me out. Wahoo! Maybe! We’ll see!
  • Saturday I’ll make brunch because it’s been many weeks since I’ve done anything other than making oatmeal or scrambling a few eggs. I’ll bake a package of bacon and whip up a double batch of crepes with various fruits/toppings.

I’m sure I’ll get some kind of weekend cooking project going too, but it will have to take a back seat to enjoying the newly-warm-spring-weather. That’s all, folks! To the dog park we go!

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