Menu plan #20180220

This week’s menu is arriving a bit late, largely thanks to Presidents’ Day and the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. Three cheers for three day weekends!

  • Monday was Presidents’ Day, and it was not my day to host our weekly Friends Dinner so it was like having a double vacation. We were served breakfast for dinner and thoroughly enjoyed a feast of pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit.
  • Tuesday will be baked fish with tartar sauce and plenty of lemons to squeeze on top, Caesar salad and pasta will be on the side.
  • Wednesday is going to be a coconut chicken curry with plenty of cauliflower, broccoli, snow peas, carrots, and any other veggie I can cram in there. I’m making it with this green curry paste from Aroy-D and serving it over rice.
  • Thursday we are going to skip Stirfry Stursday, which is difficult because I love that name so much. Instead, we’ll have pork chops, green beans, and heavily-buttered boiled potatoes.
  • Friday is Darian’s 9th birthday! We’re celebrating with a hotel overnight and dinner out.

So there it is, plus or minus a few celebration-related-cakes which may or may not include a chocolate layer cake. The birthday boy will determine the cake selection.

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