Shocking #20180205

I have done it! I have successfully followed a new recipe without changing anything. (pause for applause)

I have been using the buttermilk pancake recipe from my old, beat-up copy of Joy of Cooking for many years. I’ve never been impressed with it, and so I tried the “light and fluffy pancake” recipe from my not-really-new, pristine-because-I-rarely-use-it copy of The New Best Recipe from Cooks Illustrated. I followed their (very specific) steps completely and wasn’t tempted to alter the recipe, and was rewarded with the best pancakes I’ve ever produced. I will probably always double or triple the recipe for my crew, who all gave the pancakes high praise.

I’ve mentioned my inability to follow recipes before, but I’m encouraged enough by the results of this pancake recipe to actually try following a few more recipes in this book. The cookbook is filled with detailed instructions, explanations about why things work, and a few line drawings. It has none of the glossy photos or charm present in most of my other cookbooks, but now that it’s proven to be a valuable resource I will do my best to a few other recipes.

In further shocking news, here’s another menu plan!

  • Monday is yet another friends dinner where I don’t have to cook! I have a love/hate relationship with being surprised by what I’m having for dinner. I love not having to cook it, but I’m usually overly anxious that it will be exactly what I plan to cook for another dinner that same week. Please note that my fears have never been realized, so I should probably just get over it and enjoy dinner 🙂
  • Tuesday Baked lemon pepper chicken drums, garlic bread, and Caesar salad.
  • Wednesday Fettuccine Alfredo with broccoli and smoked sausage.
  • Thursday Teriyaki chicken, green beans and rice on the side. Perhaps some potsickers from Trader Joe’s if I’m feeling fancy. I’m thinking of dubbing this Stirfry Stursday. I understand that Stursday is not a real word, but if you say it quickly enough I think it works.
  • Friday I’ll be making calzones with The Best Pizza Dough recipe, because we did not end up making them after snowboarding. Fillings will be various cheeses, pepperoni, and probably some Italian Sausage. Marinara dipping sauce and some kinda green veggie on the side.

So there it is, are you shocked? Is shocked too strong of a word? Pleasantly surprised maybe? I’m shocked. Let’s keep this new-recipe-and-menu-planning-train rolling.


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