Planless Part Two #20160411

Last week was spring break, and I was fortunate enough to have time off with the kids. I was completely (and happily) planless most of the time, but I did get started a day ahead of time for my Friendsdinner. Every week on Tuesday, a group of friends and I get together for dinner. We have five families, and each household takes a turn hosting dinner on Tuesday. Last week was my turn to host, and I made what appeared to be the least healthy meal in our many months of Friendsdinners. I made fried pork chops, cheesy potatoes, and broccoli. I also had a balsamic and cucumber salad on the side, a veggie plate, and ice cream for dessert.

This week I’m going to try out being planless again, mostly because I won’t have to cook on Tuesday (Friendsdinner will be at another household), and I won’t have to cook on Friday because it’s The Gathering at ARTS-Us and they provide a free community dinner. Given the contents of my cupboards and fridge, I’m confident that I can wing it for three dinners. That’s all folks, have a good week!

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