Meal Plan #20150622

First things first: watching the movie Holes after finding Shia LaBeouf hot is a bit awkward. I don’t recommend it. Maybe related? Maddy Ziegler said he was really stinky when they filmed the video for Elastic Heart. Ha.

So! More sports this week. And probably forever. Because my boys get a kick out of it.

  • Monday Sports! And burgers. Because they are fast and delicious and I have ground beef to use up. Fresh veg on the side, because again it’s fast. Super fast!
  • Tuesday Taco Tuesdaaaaaaaaaaaay. And by taco, I mean taco salad. That still counts, right? I’ll whip up some pico- tomato, onion, jalapeno, lime and cilantro. Add some cornmeal-crusted chicken, queso fresco, and lettuce, toss it all together and BAM. It’s delicious. Topped with a dollop of guac, sour cream, and tortilla chip “croutons”, because not everything benefits from being tossed together.
  • Wednesday More sports! This is the last day to eat last Friday’s leftover lasagna, so we’ll be having that plus veggies and dip. Heat it, eat it, then practice.
  • Thursday Sports! Again! We have a picnic date with another family prior to practice, so I’ll be packing sandwiches, goldfish crackers, and apple slices.
  • Friday I’ll be weirdly kid-less, since they’re going out of town for the weekend. I’ll console myself with chicken lettuce wraps. With allllll the fixins, just like the ones at The Cheesecake Factory. Sadly, there will be no cheesecake at the end of this meal.
  • Weekend out of town for a wedding! Wooo!

Welp, that’s all folks. Till next week, when I see even more sandwich picnics in my future.

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