Tee Ball Season

Tis the season fo-or Tee Ball, fa la la la la, I have no time!

Monday Tee Ball, Tuesday Near Ball, fa la la la la, I have no time.

So-o now I cook ahead now, fa la la, fa la la, there’s no time!

Here’s my menu, mostly pre-cooked. Fa la la la la, I have no time.

  • Monday Chicken/Veggie stirfry over rice (already cooked, heat and eat)
  • Tuesday Sloppy Joes & salad (already cooked and/or cut up, heat and eat)
  • Wednesday If I actually survive Monday and Tuesday, I’ll make chicken lettuce wraps with curry rice noodles and fresh veggies. 
  • Thursday Baked fish, broccoli, buns.
  • Friday Stuffed shells (ricotta, spinach, etc) with meat sauce (already made), and garlic bread.
  • Weekend Buttermilk pancakes and fresh fruit for breakfast on Saturday. I’ll deal with the rest of the weekend once I actually get through this week.

Did I mention that my microwave broke, and that work is crazy busy, and that I am still getting caught up from camping over Father’s day weekend and have ten million things to do? Because I do.

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