Monday Menu Planning

Yes, this is happening again.

First of all, Happy St. Patricks Day! I have had a lot of coffee so this will be pretty quick.

  • Monday Corned beef with cabbage, carrots, potatoes etc. Mmmmmmm. I intended to do a fancy lamb stew, but that will have to wait for another time because my grocery budget won’t allow for three pounds of lamb shoulder this month. Maybe next?
  • Tuesday Burgers for the boys. On buns. With broccoli slaw. And Buttery Bcorn (that’s just corn on the cob with butter & seasonings, but I like to force alliteration some times)
  • Wednesday Salad! With coconut curry rice noodles, fresh peppers, cabbage, cilantro, lettuce, etc, tossed with Newman’s Own Asian sesame vinaigrette and topped with crispy chicken
  • Thursday Meatloaf muffins with mashed potatoes and broccoli
  • Friday Fish dinner with rolls & dippable veggies
  • Saturday Chicken pot pie casserole, served over rice. With whatever veggie I feel like at the time.

Second of all, I have a serious case of spring fever. The good news is that it’s the happy variety, where I feel filled with energy and don’t even mind the fact that here in Minnesota we’re going to get more snow. Either that, or I’ve had the perfect amount of coffee. Either way I feel great!

Third, I realize that this is very late in terms of the internet, but really Stephen Hawking? That’s all you’re giving us?  Thankfully for me, my beloved PBS elaborated and linked to a bit more. 


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