Business Master Maybe – Or – Sure I can fly, I’ll jump off this cliff to prove it!

I am a crazy person. Having a home, raising a 5 year old, working full time, and 6/7 nights a week I’d really rather stay in with my cats and watch Netflix. So it makes sense to look at getting a Graduate degree, right? Right. I’m glad we had this talk.

Lately I’ve had the itch. The itch to do more, do something new, change the world. You know, basic stuff. I’ve looked at dogs. Because dogs are great. I’ve looked at how to clean and organize everything in your life. Because I could really do a better job of that. I’ve taken to Twitter like a mad woman. But I keep coming back to this need to learn and do more.

Adding school at this point may not be wise. Or it may be the perfect time, and all I have to do is jump in with two feet. The degree program I’ve fallen in love with is at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN. I graduated from St. Kate’s in 2007 with my Bachelor’s in Business Admin. The focus of the MBA is Integrated Marketing Communications, and the topics shown in the description on the MBA website get me jazzed beyond belief.  I’m downright giddy as I look forward to finding out more at the info session St. Kate’s is hosting in April. What do you think? Is there ever a right time?

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